Different models of cakes for wedding with some decorative items:

Weddings are the most special occasion for each and every person . To enjoy a particular occasion, parents are spending lots of time selecting the dress for their wedding , inviting guests and friends for the birthday party and also choosing the best wedding cakes. There are different models of cakes available in the bakeries and restaurants. The parents can choose according to their wedding wish and taste, so they will enjoy the day without any tension or stress. Most weddings  like to have a cake with some cartoons and shapes. There are ready made cakes and on spot production cakes are available in some bakeries. 

These cakes come in different shapes, varieties, size and flavor. These cakes have been made by having some cartoon characters like Barbie, SpongeBob cowboy, fairy tales, Tom and Jerry, Disneyland, Scooby Doo and many more. These cakes are created and designed according to any amount of kilogram chosen by the customers. There are wedding  cakes which are specially allotted to the boy wedding  and girl wedding  . Girl wedding  cakes have some different varieties and models include Barbie queen, prince, flower, hello kitty cake, accessories cake and many more. These are the cakes which are mostly liked by all girl weddings  . So the parents have to choose according to their girl’s wedding  taste. There are various models available for boys such as, Ben 10 cake, Spiderman cake, by highlighting their hobbies such as football, basketball, cricket and many more cakes. 

Some boys mostly like to ride in bikes or cars, or in some other vehicles, for those weddings  they can choose toy cakes which will be more attractive. The main advantage of these wedding  cakes is decorating items. One can make use of gel to write their name on the cake and it is available in different colors. Parents can also make use of marshmallows, which will be shaped into many flowers, pets and even more as their likes. Candy chips are available in various flavors and sizes including chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch. 

Parents can even make their wedding birthday cake in their home itself and they can make use of these different decorative items. After baking the cake, let it become cool so that you can immediately apply some whipped cream or frozen yogurt and place it in the freezer to set ice cream frosting. Sprinkles are one of the favorite decorative items for the wedding . They are coming in different styles from dot shape to flower shapes to even tubes. No wedding cakes are complete without the birthday candles because this is the only decorative item which highlights the wedding party. In these candles there are many styles available from the traditional to single candle in the shape of particular age numbers. One has to make use of these decorative items in the cake, which will help the parents to attract the wedding . The only thing parents have to do is choose the cake according to the wedding wish, taste and what they are interested in.

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