Deciding How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift

 How do you decide how much to spend on a wedding gift? In fact, there’re a few things to take into account when considering such matters. For example, the wedding venue, your budget and of course your relationship with the wedded couple. In some cases, if the wedding is held on a cosy island away from home, it might be reasonable to present a bridal shower gift to the couple due to higher costs involved. If, however, the wedding is held at a local venue, perhaps a more costly gift or combination of gifts could be financed.

While a wedding might be an auspicious (and in most cases) once-in-a-lifetime event, an individual will most likely go through a few weddings in his or her lifetime. As such, it only makes sense to plan a budget for such an event. Besides deciding how much to outlay on a wedding gift, travelling, dressing or even arranging accommodation will take up tangible costs. If one were to put aside $600 for the wedding, it can be broken down into $300 for travelling expenses, $150 for suitable attire; leaving $150 which solves for how much to spend on a wedding gift.


How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift


Deciding how much to spend on a wedding gift is not merely a formality, it’s an etiquette. It’s popular to believe that one should decide how much to spend on a wedding gift depending on the cost of the dinner to the attendee. That way, it’ll offset the cost of the wedding. While this is a reasonable hypothesis, others think that how much to spend on a wedding gift depends on the relationship one has with the wedding couple. How about if the attendee can only manage a small-sized budget? One will have to be realistic in these matters.


On the other hand, the venue of the wedding itself could influence the decision on how much to spend on a wedding gift – and this doesn’t apply to travel costs alone. In some venues, weddings may tend to be more formal than others – and thus more costly. In most cases, more formal weddings would call for more expensive gifts. After all, the nature of the wedding gift should suit that of the wedding itself.

Just in case deciding on how much to spend on a wedding gift gives you too much trouble, it might please you to know that some couples set up gift registries in order to let the attendants of their event know exactly what they’d like – sort of like a Christmas gift-list. Basically they would either prefer to raise funds for their new home, or if they’ve already been living together already, they might actually need the gifts for their home more than money. On an additional note, couples just might prefer cash so that they can use it for anything they’d like later on – as opposed to gifts that cannot be changed.

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