Words We Should Never Have Left Unsaid

 Generally they used a letterpress method to print wedding cards which was common from.     Nowadays we use an official wedding source as per our needs like what type of envelope we need, and check for its style, size and the colour to make it creative. Once we choose our envelope we start to create our own creative ideas to invent it such a way to get the attention of the public as more colourful which attracts clients.

Postal procedures:

Read area: The design on the wedding cards should print only after the perfect size fits your files to attach. The address you post must be within the postal area which makes work easier for them. If you want to post to the address which is not available in the postal list, you will be charged additionally for delivery of your wedding cards. Even if your postal address is too far you may be charged accordingly.

                The Return address: The address should be with the wedding cards card, if it exceeds you must follow the regulations given, but if you have some important information, it must be in the corner and if the address is under, the postal clerk would not be able to read the address. The readers will look below to read your mail, if your mail is exceeding you will have to pay additional charges.

Making the art separate: One of the important processes is its colour to print used in the mail, with the design as you need. For this process we need some specialist to design it as per the adjustments needed for the mail to be posted. The press will alter as you wish, but it may have slight changes in conversion.

 Fonts and File Formats: The file must be done with the given regulations, where we have to separate colours when printing, with the graphic industry. If you’re not satisfied with this format you may again go with the person who is specialized in designing.

Colours and Traditional printing: Usually they prefer separate print colour on the envelope to be physically applied on the covers. They prefer inkjet printers which have no colour separation and are highly protected. It should be done with proper colour separation artwork which can be applied to the wedding cards.

Designs for Transmittal Envelopes: the transmittal envelope has two side front sides and back side, it should be designed as to cover the mail inside and to glue it without opening. When you design the envelope remember when you close the cover, the person must be able to read the address in the right corner of the envelope. This tells us how to design envelope printing, create an envelope in a compact form to make sufficient space for lines for information. There is a more official wedding source which has various designs, where you can print information at the bottom, by reducing the size of the design. The information can be done according to how many colours you print.

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