We do not Remember Days, We Remember Memories

In olden days people communicated by sending pigeons to convey messages, later after technology development they started to send letters to communicate with the people who live far away and then in recent days they started using mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc., to make communication easier and better. A wedding card is a cover which is a little thicker than the normal paper that is used to pack letters, which has to be sent. Personal letters, invitations, certificates, files, etc., can be sent through official wedding source. Envelopes are available in different sizes, as it may be easier to fold the wedding card as per the size; if you don’t want the file to be folded you can post it with a large envelope.


Envelopes can be printed in different styles as per your needs, such as officials, personal cards, wedding invitations or some other purpose. The few of those are listed below:

Commercial: Adverts are generally used to send official mail or personal mai bout wedding card; the envelope type can be in open with or without windows, before sending mail they check for the proper code such as papers availability, security, stamp and other important items.

Declaration: These are informal mails which are used to make an announcement for the group of people, envelopes are designed in diagonal closures and in square folds. They are used for personal mail and exclusive business, which requires less time and is simple.

Indexes and pamphlets: There are two various styles open end and open side catalogue, where open end has short opening and open side has long opening. To keep it protected you have to staple or stick its end before mailing.

Gatherings and double purposes:  These are used for dual purposes like white interlaced and light colored wrappings are artificial with both side closures, with traditional seal such as glue to paste. This envelope is used to order and charitable applications.

Packing wedding cards: They have a large number of varieties of envelopes used to send personal cards, invitations and so on with unique collections.

Letterhead:  It has a wide variety of envelopes which the card is in stock to provide a reliable image, provided from Western States. They are artistic as greetings cards have various styles to give for birthdays, friends, etc.

Professional wedding card: These are used for official purposes only with security which has all the above styles as mentioned. They have envelopes to any extent as needed.

The wealth of the commercial and postal facilities are related to the printing industry, which are manufactured to produce addresses in the machine to make it easier for the official wedding source. In recent days direct mail can be colored to create the best impression in your business and from the public. There are several cards available with or without colour and size according to the post you need, as the technology development made mailing fast and easy.  

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