Identity of ourselves

In order to provide for ourselves in an organization they will provide us with separate identity cards. It consists of our personal details as well as the company details. If some emergency situation arises they will use those cards to identify themselves. Likewise the schools and colleges are providing identity cards to their students along with their institution names. It is also another way of marketing their institution too. Even our governments also give us identity cards to prove that we belong to this nation and the place to which we belong. It is necessary for us to have these cards like this.

What is a custom card?

The cards are said to have some thicker sizes than the papers. These cards may be of the size which we fix. The invitation cards, greeting cards, identity posters, game cards, and personalized photo cards are the official wedding source. The printing companies do this work to give different designs cards. 

Types of custom cards

At first the invitations are given in a single paper pasted with turmeric on four sides. Then they used a shiny soft single two sided paper with red and yellow colors inside. But now even the invitations can be printed of n number of designs. We can paste our own photos in the invitations.  We may be strong and mad in love and affection. To express our love and affection we can’t find our own words, in that case the greeting cards are used. It consists of all printed wishes and quotes. We can get it from the stores and give gifts to our loved ones. The personal visiting cards are used for spreading our own business and give them a way to communicate ourselves. 

Gift and game cards

The gift and game cards are also a official wedding source. The game cards are designed with attractive images for kids and adults. The UNO playing cards and normal rummy playing cards are designed for gaming purposes. Even the card materials can be of different types. It is designed with crystal plastic and metallic plastics. If we purchase in a shopping mall and if we are regular customers they will give a bonus or gift cards to encourage us to shop more. We can use these cards and our purchasing points will be added on that card on every purchase. Later we may be gifted for Purchases.

Digital cards

The cards may be of 2d or 3d cards. We can Use the 3D implementations on that card. Some playing cards may use these digital techniques. In corporate companies the identity card of the employees contains the barcodes. If an employee’s while entering or exiting the company they have to place the card in the card reader machine to register their entries. The E-cards are even used in hospitals to maintain our medical databases in the systems. The credit and debit cards are also a type of official wedding source. These cards can be printed digitally using the pc and printers. Once you feed the information in the PC to be printed. It will print in the card when you insert the card inside the printer and details are given to print.


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