How to make amazing designs by nail art for the wedding

Many girls interested in designing the nails and now it is very common among the girls but girls must be scared to design their own nails because they can easily design to the others nail and they must have more experience in nail design so that they can easily make the nail art design by using the effective and quality nail polishes. The materials for nail design is available in the store which can be applied easily in the nail and in some stores there are readymade nail art available which can be stick to the nail but it must uncomfortable to use and you must be having the feel that the nail gets damage if it is stuck to any clothes or in some other things. There are necessary brushes and colors available for designing the nails. Also some nail stickers or nail wrappers are available in the stores where you can use to make various designs in the nails and it will be very useful for the beginners to learn the nail art design. You can try the design based on your costumes or you can make designs for special occasions. There are some learning processes available on the internet where beginners can earn through the learning process and they can do cute easy nail designs for the wedding. There are some nail designs are available which can be easily designed using the some materials such as:

Sunset nail art design – In this design, zoya pixie dust nail and sand nail polish color is used to make the nail art where the sand nail polish gives the effect of the sand life and adds the glitter and black color in the nail polish. 


Water decal design – In this nail art design, you can use the water decal on the above white base and you can design on the top of the nail much better but you must be careful in the design otherwise the art will be wasted. 

Floral stamped nail arts – In this nail art, you can use the golden and black nail polish which can be easily made and looks beautiful. The golden color is applied on the base and uses the black to make the design above the golden color. 

Water decals with nail stickers/wrapper – There are some stickers available in the store which can be stick above the nail after the water decals are applied and these nail art is easy for the beginners to make the design. 


There are more cute easy nail designs for the wedding are available in the internet where you can use perfect color to make the nail art which must be looks beautiful and you can choose the colors with certain color combination and use must be careful in design the nail and the most important in nail art is you must be focused to the design to make much better and if you have experienced in designing then you can design your own nail arts by yourself.

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