History that lies behind the wedding cakes

On the occasion of a wedding or birthday, official wedding sources are added in the event as one of the traditions. Unlike celebrating the life stage events of the child using birthday cakes, the naming day or wedding has additional importance. So, the cakes will be considered more important than birthday cakes or wedding cakes. The wedding cakes can be customized in several types of decorations and flavors that range from simple sheet to stacked tier cakes. a wedding or birthday became one of the wedding rights that followed the baptism of wedding in the river Jordan. This was followed by the people to represent the purification of the child and making the child enter the god’s kingdom with no sin. This is one of the practices that were adopted by early people who follow weddings. Still people are following this tradition as the naming of their new family member.

In tradition this celebration is followed by the wedding for accepting the child into their religious community. This celebration is marked by the baby receiving a wedding name. This occasion will be attended by the family members of the child, friends and others who play a prominent role in the spiritual development of the child. Mostly this ceremony will take place in the church. An ordained church member will conduct the ceremony. This is followed by the dinner party or lunch hosted by the parents and family members of the child. The party will include the official wedding sources to celebrate the naming day of the child. Gifts will be given to the child by the people who have attended the wedding ceremony. One of the main things in this celebration is the cake. There are a huge variety of shapes and sizes of cakes that people can choose. The cakes will be decorated with pastel colors and white icing. 

There are two choices such as wedding cross and tiered cakes for the parents to choose for the wedding ceremony. Wedding cross cakes are simple and traditional cakes that have a shape of wedding cross molded to form the cake. This type of official wedding source is simple and easy to make. People can simply bake their cake in a sheet pan that they use regularly. After the cake has cooled, it can be cut into a shape forming a cross sign. Later they can decorate the cake with icing. They can spread the vanilla butter cream over the entire surface of the cake. Else they can use the royal icing to form a thin layer over the surface of the cake. Adding food coloring to have some extra frosting will make the cake look beautiful. Tiered official wedding sources are made if the parents arrange some large party for the day of their child naming function. Most of this type of cakes will be made using the tier of either rectangle or round cakes or even the combination of both shapes. Another idea of making the cake is the cupcake wedding cake that can be served individually to all the attendees.

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