Wedding Reception Ideas

When you’re looking for wedding reception ideas it is very important that you select the right setting and style to match your personality.  Wedding receptions can be a very personal representation of your likes, dislikes, and unique personality.  In this article you will learn about planning your reception in the classic style, unique theme receptions, and selecting a reception site that matches your tastes perfectly.

The first and most obvious format to consider when gathering wedding reception ideas is the classic style.  Classic receptions will traditionally feature a white on white color palette.  This should include mixing shades of white and off-white for the floral bouquets, table linens, and cake.  Other traditional items that can be white might include the limousine and the dinner jackets of the wait staff.  However, if you are not into the traditional and classic reception style, you might be interested in a specialized theme that matches your unique personality.

Theme receptions add a bit of spice to the traditional wedding reception format, and can be a great option for people who like to stand out in the crowd.  Maybe you and your future spouse met at the beach, and a tropical theme would add that special touch.  For film buffs, how about a vintage movie theme, with decorations and styles from classic movies like Casablanca?  Or maybe a masquerade ball, complete with hand-held masks and costumed guests?  The possibilities are really endless with a bit of creativity!

The first decision you will make when putting together your wedding reception ideas is whether to have an outdoor or indoor reception.  The outdoor setting can be rustic, such as a vineyard or farm, or classic such as in a botanical garden setting or other outdoor venue specifically targeted toward weddings and receptions.  The benefit of having an outdoor wedding is that you can take advantage of the natural beauty of the landscape and climate, adding picturesque views and a fantastic backdrop for photos.  However, there is always the possibility of inclement weather!  If you are concerned about weather, or live in a climate where an outdoor setting is not practical, then there are a variety of great indoor locations available, such as a banquet hall, ballroom, or reception center.  These allow you to have complete control over the climate and layout of the reception area.

Early on in gathering your wedding reception ideas you will want to pin down the approximate size of the guest list.  It’s important to know how many guests will be attending the reception so you can plan the properly sized venue!  A great rule of thumb is to allow 25-30 square feet per guest.  This may seem like a lot of room, but you need to account for waiters moving around, space for the tables and chairs, and room for a band or other entertainment.  You would much rather have plenty of space for your guests so everyone feels comfortable than to have cramped quarters with everyone bumping elbows.

Once you have selected a proper venue, format, and theme for your reception, it is time to get down to the real business of planning the details and putting together a budget.  Most wedding reception ideas can fit into a variety of price points, from the bare-bones crowd to the extravagant.  It all depends on how creative you want to be in putting together the menu, party favors, decorations and flowers.  If you have the money, hiring a wedding planner to handle the specific details can be very helpful.  However, many people are able to save huge amounts of money by handling the arrangements and managing the vendors themselves.  Your wedding reception ideas can be as complex or as simple as you want.

Hopefully you can see the vast number of wedding reception ideas available to you!  From a classic “white on white” style to a more unique and expressive theme, you have a huge amount of options.  Just take it step by step, first selecting a style and location, and then planning the specific details of size, decoration, and venue.  Your guests will appreciate the time and planning when your special day arrives!

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