Want to advertise in the form of image, design and informative

It is a piece of paper which was designed with an added image and has textual information and that is called the official wedding source. It can be created by only uses of text or only uses of graphical elements; it depends on their own perception. It can also come with only artwork. This is considered as quite expansive but it is also an investment and also a marketing which will convey on most particular things.

On the other hand there is something called large format printing, usually this type of printing contains images printed in the large size of paper or other similar material. The size of paper depends on their products or services.

It is used for what?

This will be helpful to explain about your products or services to your targeted customers. You can explain about your work even if you are not in that place. This will make people read your paper or visualise something about your company. This will be helpful to remind customers about your company and products.

What are the important elements that should be in an effective wedding?

Have to focus on your message to people for what you are doing and also can use some graphics or images which will be more eye-catching. Should be used for sequence order. The content should be easily understandable by customers and also it should attract people. It should grab someone’s attention and make them read the information you display. It should look clearly, informative and fully, so only they will know what you are going to say.

What are its advantages?

  • Low costs

The creative process in this is who should be a copywriter, a graphic designer, and a printer.

  • Active response

Wherever they see it they will definitely discuss this with their friends, neighbours and colleges. So such a wedding could make customers visit that particular shop or even have to contact you.

  • Visibility

You can hang anywhere or even handle multiple weddings in one location that does matter. But that should be visible for customers. The particular message should reach customers.

  • Location

The advantage is that it will be seen by customers. The location may be a restaurant, bus stop, or any other place. Where the crowd will be together in that location.

Which type of paper should be for paper printing?

Popular wedding printing sizes are A2 (594mm*420mm), A3 (420mm*297mm) and A4 (297mm* 210mm). The choice of paper depends but 170gsm silk or gloss art FSC or 150GSM are good choices. GSM stands for grams per square meter and it is based on the heaviness of the paper stock.

What is the best resolution?

For 24”*36” wedding , some studios will work in full 300dpi. Most people will find that resolution is demanding on the computer, and work at half size (150dpi). Usually printers will print movie wedding cards  at 72dpi.

What dpi should be for large format printing?

For large graphics on billboards or else on a drape, you will definitely get away with less than 120dpi. For small writing and for fine work it should be up to 24 pt also you need more than 300dpi. Usually large scale image printing should be at 150ppi.

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