How to plan for my best friend’s wedding?

Of course, my best friend’s wedding is one of the most sensational events in my life. Well, this event comes with its own set of predicaments. In fact, there are many brides who want to have their best friend by their side at every step of a wedding planning. Having the best friend alongside, takes the edge off the bride’s fear. Literally, the best friends can make life simpler for going-to-be brides. From a bridal shower to a wedding, the bride can really count on her girlfriend to hold a fort for her, when she gets busy dealing with a tornado of feelings. However, the involvement of a friend in planning really makes the bride’s days pass very easily. Once you get ready for your best friend’s wedding, here are essential things to consider such as:

  • What to wear for best friend wedding

You look less glamorous than your friend in wedding

  • Understand the culture

Understand the place, the culture and also the ways of people

  • List down the functions

You have to list down all day as well as evening functions separately and choose your outfits cleverly to get ready for the best friend sangeet.

  • Sports your favourite colour

The white outfit can seem completely fabulous and make you stand out in the sea of greens, reds and blues.

  • Accessorize very well

You have to accessorize very well for your best friend’s wedding with the most elegant pieces of jewelry.

Important things need to keep in mind whilst planning your close friend’s wedding

Below are top five things to keep in your mind, when plan my best friend’s wedding: 

  • A surprise bridal shower

The unanticipated bridal shower will completely devastate your best friend. You can ensure that you have a theme, date and venue determined in advance.

  • Applaud the bride’s choices

The bride is going to turn to you for numerous suggestions. At this specific point, she actually trusts you more than her own natures. You can also ensure that you offer her the best honest answers and suggestions to her questions.

  • Assist her with the dress

You do not forget to build it way earlier than the wedding guests. You just assist her to appear like a princess. Also, do not forget to shower greetings to her, when she will require more guarantees.

  • Stunning photography

Before your best friend is lifted away by a man of her dreams, get some ultra-sassy images clicked with her. Accordingly, you should keep sufficient photographs of your own bride crew, so you can appear back and treasure the best old days, once she gets hooked.

  • Help her for makeup

You never understand when you are required and who may not display up at the last moment. If a makeup artist trenches at the final moment, it is only up to you who can support her out of a circumstance.

Besides all these things, what your best friend actually requires from you during the bridal days making up for her wedding is your consistent help as well as your calming comforts. Well, as a bestie’s friend, please forget about the food, guests and flower arrangements, you can simply be there with your best friend. Simply, forget about the world and enjoy each moment of your best friend’s wedding.

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