How to make cute nail designs using various methods for the wedding

Actually, there are more nail art designs prepared by various methods and girls are interested in designing activity but they must have more experience in this nail art designing activity because it must be quite difficult to make the perfect design. If you want to make the design perfect and beautiful then you must be focused on the design, you can use the glitters or stickers or some other materials which can be used to make various kinds of designs. The nail art is a type of decorating by creative design which can be used in the finger or toe nail and this is the new type of fashion activity in today’s trend and you can use the materials of mail art pen or some stones or powders to make different design which must be attractive on looking the design. There are some tools available to make the design such as nail dotter, stripper or brushes which helps to make the perfect design and millions of nail art designs are available in the internet where the beginners can easily make the design from the internet.  Some cute easy nail designs are available with necessary steps to make the design where the following designs are: 

Easy diy dots – In this design, you must use white over the nail and use some sticks or pins to make the dots randomly using black color over the nail in the white color of the polish. 


Animal prints – In this nail design for the wedding, you must use the nail polish which can be coated like the design of zebra or leopard which looks more beautiful and easy to print this nail design.

Pastel burst nail art – In this design, you can use stripping over the nail and stick some nail stones Rhinestones which will be the design made with different brushes. 

Cartoon nail art – The cartoon nail art design is used to make the nail design by sticking some cartoon character image above the nail color coated on the nail. You can use various stickers which are available in the stores to make different cartoon nail art design. 


The nail art design must be effective and easy to do the design by choosing the perfect color match, where many girls use this nail art based on their costumes and some readymade nail art design are available in the market which helps to stick on above the original nails and you can change various nail art immediately by removing it from the nail. The beginners can easily learn the cute, easy nail designs for the wedding  by making it in others nails and for the beginners it takes time to make the perfect design but if you have enough experience then you can easily make the design within a short time. This nail art design is the new fashion and now it is common in the society where many people prefer this nail art design. 

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