History of papers for the wedding cards

Since the 7th century the Indians were using leaves and leafy like things for writing and a steely screw as pen. They used leafy substances for making wedding cards and to write some medicinal and health tips. Even that consists of their rituals and traditional things. Still now we are following those traditions only. They have kept this as secret and secured for future generations. Later in the 7th century the paper was introduced in India. Actually the inventor of paper is Chinese. The techniques were known by the Indians and then they started to manufacture the paper. And after some days they open a separate industry for paper. Many of them are employed in that industry. Some years passed and they started trading paper for the wedding cards. 

Collection of papers

After some years of the paper invention, a single paper can’t be kept secured. So they started to collect more papers to make book-like structures. For that they used punching machines and threads to collect those papers. Then they used some thin papers to cover the collected papers to safeguard them. Collected papers were made as note-like structures.

Invention of printing

As the days go on our working culture has changed. We don’t always have enough time to write anything. They used pamphlets for passing information. Then newspapers were invented. They have been used for spreading the news worldwide. In that case we can’t type everything. That information was lengthy. So it was impossible to write all the things. So the typewriters were introduced. It made our work somewhat easy from writing all these things. It was less time consuming. Later on typewriters were replaced by the printers. Printing presses were formed. The machine was designed to be operated manually. We have to place the paper manually and pour the inks manually. After that electronics printers were formed which programmed all functions. The printing techniques include Invitation printing, Card printing, official wedding source, flux printing etc.

What are wedding cards ?

A notepad is said to be the collection of unused papers for writing purposes. The wedding cards are made to be of different sizes. They can be compact and kept in a pocket and it may be of long sizes. They are used to write some important hints and notes. Olden days they were made by hand. They used to collect unused papers and bind them with their hands.

What is wedding cards printing?

The wedding cards don’t have so many papers. It has only a limited number of papers for rough and personal usage. Many printing industries are developed. Their main work is to give printed papers with their organization name or institution name. Some institutions may order wedding cards printed with their institution names to spread their names. And even some corporations may provide the logo printed wedding cards to their employees to take notes and quick notes. The official wedding source presses or industries recycle the used papers and give us fresh new wedding cards . In some wedding cards the logo or name of the institution or organization may be printed at the center or they might be in the front page only. The designers will give the desired designs of the customers.

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