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A group of papers which are folded with a brief summary of the hotel, college, school or other business management as a small introduction about them. Official wedding source wedding cards  can be carried anywhere with ease and with no weight, which is the same as the normal wedding cards but with soft and creative designs as an image about their future plans and benefits. 

Usually it gives positive information about the atmosphere that is easy to carry even in pockets. It is made up of normal paper with multiple pages with a paste board that is flexible and little thicker than the regular paper.

Various forms of printing

 This is also known as e-wedding cards  as it can be done in electronic presentation with the development of technology. In common single sheets are used which can be folded double times or multiple times, where the double folded sheets have four sides of printing and multiple folded sheets have six sides of printing. Compared to the outdated model of official wedding source, modern printing is easier, simple and low investment. There are various types of methods such as c-fold and z-fold methods which can be folded multiple times with four to six sides of print.

How to print?

  As wedding cards use large paper with good quality they use four various colours to print on a thick silky sheet which is soft to handle and easy to carry, that attracts people with a good image. They use digital printers for the best result with multiple folded sheets with more than six sides of print, where it is of low cost. The customer’s needs are likely to be an attractive creation with colourful images that contain positive results and thoughts for the people who visit their place such as school, industry, hotel, etc. 

Most of the wedding cards are attached with the newspaper as reading news is a regular habit of people who may also know their marketing and place orders in that particular company. Customers can come with his own ideas and creativity which can be done in ease with custom satisfaction with great benefits.

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